"Greatest of all Time" package - Experience for a lifetime! ⋆ Victory medal hanger

“Greatest of all Time” package – Experience for a lifetime!

“Greatest of all Time” package – Experience for a lifetime!

“Greatest of all Time” package – Experience for a lifetime! bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva


„ You train hard during the year so you are in your best shape at the competition.
For all your effort you receive a well deserved medal, which you are very proud of.
It becomes a part of your life as soon as you receive it and it reminds you of the effort you made to earn it.
But where do you put your precious medal after the competition?
It’s time to empty your drawers, shoe boxes, buckets and forget about the sight of medals hanging from hooks, pipes or corkboards.
Both your and your medals are worth more than that.
Show your successes proudly to everybody, Hang your medals on your own unique medal hanger!

This package includes a personalised 3mm deep, 100 cm in wide, 12-18 cm high stainless steel
premium medal hanger – which is the flagship of Victory Medal Hangers – with 3 extensions,
which holds 160-180 medalsPrice: EUR 299. Price of additional extension: EUR 32/extension.

The text and image are customisable, it all depends on your imagination,
even your picture or a special someone’s face can be on the design (outline of the image).
A 3D design will be created for your review.

Packaging and delivery are complimentary in the EU so you don’t need to worry about it.

Due to high material costs prepayment is required.
Upon receeipt of payment we will manufacture your unique medal hanger.

The chosen medal hanger – once payment is received and subject to stock –
is posted in a unique box within 3-4 weeks with full assembly kit (spacer, dowel, screws, belt clips).
It will definitely make your loved one happy.

In addition you will get a complimentary Personal Best medal hanger – worth EUR 25 –
so you will have a special hanger for best times.


Order it!

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